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NOMAD MINUS VIRUS ®* is a portable product with antiviral and antibacterial properties. A non-toxic and completely safe product that respects the environment and the food chain.

NOMAD MINUS VIRUS ® * with ergonomic design, it works independently and quietly, it is effective indoors on a maximum area of 15m2, which is sufficient protection for areas such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

Emma & Nella

Emma & Nella Technology is an advanced air decontamination solution. It is a completely new way to not only clean the air, but literally make it new. It does not place impurities in the filters, so you don't have to empty the rooms like with ozone or UVC cleaning.

Emma & Nella technology is the only technology available that is capable of making contaminated air clean. It uses replication of the natural process of mineralisation - the transformation of organic molecules into inorganic ones.

The whole process can be summarised in 3 main points:
1, Decomposition of contaminants
2, Recombination and mineralization
3, Clean air

Air Tower

AIR TOWER is a modern air purifier with a focus on efficiency and perfect air purity. With its simple Northern European style design, it fits into any interior. The entire air channel is closed, which together with the 360-degree rapid air inlet and vortex circulation outlet increases the efficiency of the unit's single-point filtration.

AIR TOWER is equipped with a 360-degree circular integrated efficient composite filter grid, replaceable UV-C light photocatalysis and plasma ionizer, 3-layer filtration module, sterilization system and dual mode active and passive cleaning. These elements, together with the high-precision PM 2.5 particle sensor and the TVOC odour sensor inside, ensure a more thorough and complete air purification.